Composer, filmmaker and electronic instrument inventor Pierre Jodlowski draws from the raw energy of rock and the trance-inducing looping of electronic dance music. Often with darkly sexual or violent undertones, Jodlowski’s music gradually builds up from delicate beginnings, intensifying to the point of explosion and collapse.

His music, often highly dense in texture with dramatic and political themes, occurs at the crossroads where acoustic and electronic sound converge. His work as a composer led him to perform in France and abroad, most places dedicated to contemporary music but also in venues and events focused on dance, theater, visual arts and electronic music. Above all he seeks to question the relationship dynamics within performance spaces. Jodlowski aims to create and practice 'active' music – where physical aspects (gestures, energy, space) evoke psychological responses (evocation, memory).

Since 1998 he has been the artistic director of éOle (studio and production center) and the Novelum festival in Toulouse. Jodlowski has collaborated on projects with ensembles Intercontemporain Ictus, KNM, Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain, the new Ensemble Moderne, Ars Nova, Proxima Centauri.


Pierre Jodlowski's appearences are funded by:

Impuls Neue Musik

Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung