"If the evening carried one message, it was that classical musicians no longer allow themselves to be labeled. [...] where the counterculture continues to hold its own against the bourgeoisie, the ground may be more than fertile for new seeds to be sewn around the ivory tower of the avant-garde."
NPR Review (WNYC), 3011.2011

"The music of the future is arising in the space between Philharmonic Hall and the Berghain Club: Berlin's C3 Festival shows the ways in which pop avant-garde and classical music are approaching one another...it's the music of the future. It hasn't even yet been named. But the fact that it will one day be in a position to explain the present to us, of that there is no doubt."
Tagesspiegel, Zeit Online, 07.09.09, "Klassik trifft Pop: Der Laptop spielt die erste Geige"

"The first edition of the C3 Festival positioned itself skillfully as an alternative to the willfully progressive Club Transmediale, enriching Berlin's concert scene with an additional exciting facet. Intelligently selected international and local artists active in the gray zone between classical, contemporary and club music offered up entertaining as well as surprising and seldom-heard work."
Comment from Norbert Krampf, 2009 (Berlin/Frankfurt | freelance music journalist, FAZ)

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WDR 3 Resonanzen, Interview with Fabian Lasarzik 24.11.2011


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