GDANSK / Siedziba Gdańsk 2016 (Adress: Długi Targ 39/40)
Start 16:00
Sat, 03. December 2011: Free Admission
film about Eugeniusz Rudnik: Geniu ratuj!
Discussion: Polish Radio Experimental Studioforgotten heritage?

Polish Radio Experimental Studio was founded in 1957 and was, at that time, one of the first of  such institutions worldwide (along with similar centers in Paris, Köln and Mediolan). During over 40 years of its activity hundreds of compositions were created in the Studio. The achievements of the Experimental Studio are the important, but still underestimated, heritage of electroacoustic music.

Discussion participants:
Libera - sociologist, music critic and author of musical,Zakrzywienie Igły. Organizer of FestivalAd Libitum. Cooperates with Zeitkratzer as a producer and curator. Author of anthology of articles about contemporary musicKultura dźwięku(Culture of sound).

Michał Mendyk journalist, co-founder ofGlissando, a magazine dedicated to contemporary music, curator and music critic, founder of Bôłt Records, a label that presents contemporary music from Eastern and Middle Europe.

Marek Horodniczy initiator of the debate, journalist and music critic. Former chief editor ofFrondaand44magazine.

ESSEN / Welterbe Zollverein
The C3 Festival in Essen will offer insight on the evolution of contemporary electronic art music. Prof. Dirk Reith of the Institute for Computer Music and Electronic Media of the Folkwang University of the Arts started to build up the Electronic Studio of the Folkwang-Academy in Essen and a special study course for electronical Composition at the beginning of the 70s.

Thu, 24.11.2011, 18:30 - Speech & discussion
Prof. Thomas Neuhaus will talk about the combination of acoustic instruments and electronics, multimedia stage-projects on the field of algorhythmic compositions and additional compositional activities, which are subsequently to be discussed.

There are also audiovisual performances by graduants of the study course taking place at the C3 festival:
Kerim Karaoglu and Sebastian Neitsch plumb the location „Trichterebene“ on an audio-visual basis, in which the visuals react to sound and vice versa. The acoustic and architectural properties of the „Trichterebene“ serve as the foundation for this.

Sat, 26.11.2011, 20:00
Audiovisual performances by graduants of the study course taking place at the C3 festival:
Tim Kienecker, Kerim Karaoglu and Sebastian Neitsch mix experimental and danceable elements in the composite of interactive visuals.