Indie Classical Network

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Indie Classical (IC) is a special group and mindset (we will tell you more about it soon!). Indie Classical brings together the worlds of western classical music and those of pop, rock, global music traditions, electronica and more on a national, european and global level. Under the Indie Classical banner, all of these musics are mixed and merged, drawing in a wider audience and reflecting modern European life. The Indie Classical Network encompasses more than collaborations with electronic music, so C3 is but one of its projects.

The structure of C3⊂IC is completed by the launch of the European Indie Classical Network, which will be accompanied by network meetings in each host city; in every case, they will be the first Indie Classical meetings to take place in each location.

This blog gives you an impression of what IC network meeting look like:
read here about our very first meeting at Classical:NEXT 2016 in Rotterdam.


25 May 2016: Founding Indie-Classical Network Meeting at Classical:NEXT, Rotterdam, NL
May 2017: Second Indie-Classical Network Meeting at Classical:NEXT

C3⊂IC will be realised with the support of
The Creative Europe programme of the European Union

Creative Europe Culture